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Gehmat Nona Badu Art Centre zurathau dogai

Zurathau Dogai


Size: 76.5cm x 58cm

Medium: Lino Print

Category: Art Prints / Etchings

$500.00 (Incl GST)

This art work is based on a story from Badu Island.

It’s about a dogai (witch), a boy and village people. One day a boy named Gabu Kaikai paddled his canoe across from Math Island to Zurath Island when he got to the beach at Zurath Island right away he saw a big fruit tree called aubau.

The aubau was very big and juicy but he didn’t have anything to put it in. So he paddled back to Math Island to pick up his basket.

The very next morning Gaby Kaikai paddled back to Zurath to collect the juicy aubau. When he got there he picked up the juicy aubau off the ground until there was nothing left on the ground. So he climbed the tree and started picking the aubaus in the tree then suddenly the owner of the dogai crawled out of her cave and saw that there was no juicy aubau laying on the ground.

But she saw some foot prints so she followed the foot prints that headed straight to the tree then a aubau fell right in front of here she looked up and saw Gabu Kaikai and said to him “You stole all my juicy aubau, throw me down one aubau!”.

Gabu Kaikai threw one aubau down to the ground and the dogai took one step to pick up the aubau then proceeded to eat it. Gabu Kaikai thought he could drive her away by throwing aubau. So he threw the second aubau and the dogai took another step and ate the aubau. Gabu Kaikai threw the third and last aubau as far as he could the dogai ran to pick up the aubau.

Gabu Kaikai quickly jumped down and ran to his canoe and heard the dogai running behind him as he paddled as fast as he could. The dogai swam behind him but couldn’t get him. Gabu kakai got back to the village at Math and told the villagers that there was a dogai at Zurath island. The next day the villagers prepared harpoons and arrows and they paddled across to Zurath Island.

When the villagers arrived there they went to the cave and chased the dogai out one off the villagers shot the dogai with a harpoon which chopped off her arm and breast. The dogai ran down to the beach and buried herself under the ground. The villagers paddled happily back to the village at Math island and on their way they threw the breast into the sea for sharks.

But the boy wanted to tie the arm on a tree for target practice. That night the dogai came for her arm. She sang a song which made her arm come flying back to her and it made a very big noise as it got back into place the villagers woke up and chased her away. She took off without her breast.

Still today at Zurath Island the basket of Gabu Kaikai lies and the cave of the dogai the breast formed into two big stones shaped like the dogai’s breast between Math and Zurath which we call “Dogai Susu”.