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Dhangal, Dugong, Joseph Au, Lino Reduction Print
Dhangal, Dugong, Joseph Au, Lino Reduction Print



Size: H380mm x W560mm, Image Size: H150mm x W300mm

Medium: Lino Reduction Print

Category: Original Artwork

$300.00 (Incl GST)

My print Dhangal, Dugong, is my first ever  lino reduction print that I’ve done. It’s shows the dhangal swimming in the sea with the curve lines representing the ripples and waves.

It’s a mammal that reads the weather patterns and knows when its rough weather on which it moves too. During the rough weather and waves are high the dhangal can be found near the island coastline where it seeks shelter.

On calm and fine weather, dhangal moves out where they are hardly seen. I love portraying  the dhangal in my art work either lino, painting or wood carving because of its my totem and because of the unique shape of the dhangal.

Joseph Au