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Size: P: L35cm x H90cm, Image size: L19.5cm x H72cm


Category: Prints

$400.00 (Incl GST)

My print which I titled Garryakamin is in my tradional language of Kala Lagaw Ya, that I speak today simply means spooked.

The image is based on the Kukiaw Thonarr (Monsoon Season) period where we experience heavy rain and continuous thunders which is represented by the big black clouds in the horizon. The file rays or thorny rays in my lino prints we call Tupmul which are deep sea sting rays which get spooked when the thunders start. When this occurs the Tupmul we call in KLY are Garryakamin and being spooked the Tupmul swims up to the shallows which I try to capture the tupmuls swimming up in a swimming up motion because of the loud thunder noises.

The Tupmul is my great, great grandmothers and my wifes Totem. The Tupmul is a deep sea ray and is found mainly when we have the monsoon season at the end of the year and are not seen any other times during the year. The Tupmul is also good eating and is one of many sting rays we hunt today.

Joseph Au 2018