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Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island
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Aykuyk (Food Plant)

Aykuyk (Food Plant)


Medium: Relief Lino Print

$733.00 (Incl GST)

Aykuyk (Food Plant)

My image of a Musul Gi young Coconut shoot as an Aykuyk is to portray the processes of our tradition and cultural lore in relation to occupation and ownership of land passed down over generations. Aykuyk is a food plant, we plant nursed, protected and cared for over time from its seed stage through to its becoming a juvenile plant and finally a fully grown tree, where in return for your care it produces fruit for you and your family to eat. It becomes a part of your family, through that relationship affiliating you through the Aykuyk to the land where you along with the AYKUYK tree occupy then to own the land .

The Aykuyk is seen as family member and respected as one, it touched or treat with disrespect and fruit pick without permission there are consequences, the trees family will react by protecting their family member, The image of a Coconut shoot represents our younger generation growing, learning and being taught from young, this teaching I portray from within the coconut like a heartbeat represented by the image of an elder, who sits within the coconut holding and beating a wurup drum. This to depict the importance of passing down of our cultural lore of our land and up hold it up high to be proud, not to take a back sit to the everyday Law.

The image of the elder within the coconut is also to represent, Our ancestors from the passed who still live on within us, they leave a seed of culture planted as knowledge we nurser, protected, cared for and pass on, so that they the young become adult to do the same.

Laurie Nona 2016