Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh

Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island
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Size: Paper: H80cm x L61cm, Image: H46cm x L31cm

Category: Prints

$1,200.00 (Incl GST)

This image of a Gainau (Torres Strait Pigeon) sitting on a Wongai fruit tree brunch when the Wongai fruit is in season.

The ripening of the Wongai fruit is eagerly anticipated as it is a favoured fruit for us islanders and the Gainau. Designs in the ring around the Gainau, represent the wind, rain, and sea conditions during the Wongai season time.

The designs within the Gainau represent the well-known saying, “the early bird gets the first worm” For the islander children, the saying is told in order to emphasise the importance of rising up early every day, so as not to miss out on life. I symbolise this with the morning sunrise, (Depicted with the circle behind the Wonagi) and the new fruit in season.

Laurie Nona