Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh

Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island
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Hanapi - Making Ready.

Hanapi - Making Ready.


Medium: Linocut

$1,200.00 (Incl GST)


This is my image Hanapi – (Making Ready), is to represent our belief systems around requesting strength, knowledge and seasonal weather by speaking to our Zugubal - Ancestor’s. A well ranked warrior is portrayed standing in a ‘Protective Stance’ – Hanapi. Nuiy Kula - Sibanu-Sika – (He stands in full confidence) to face whatever come his way.

Nugnu Kulasib – His strength, power and confidence are magnetised into him as one from the Ya-thayarn - (Troughing of talk) to the Mariw Danaka – (Zugubal/Spirtual Acesstors) and his peoples Totems, (Hammer head shark, Dugong, Spinny Ray, Sucker fish, and Turtle) totemic spiritual traits running into his being.

Laurie Nona