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Laurie Nona Badu Art Centre kirisgamul mut sunbird

Kirisgamul Mut (Sunbird)


Size: 112cm x 76cm

Medium: Lino Print

Category: Art Prints / Etchings

$1,098.00 (Incl GST)

In this image I show flowers from my mum’s garden around my home - padau muthd (house on the hill) - here on Badu Island, where I grew up and still live today. As one of my many after school and weekend jobs, I would water my mum’s garden of hibiscus and frangipani flowers. Whilst watering the plants, I would get visited by this kirisgamul mut (little yellow chested sunbird). This little visitor seemed to me a very free, friendly, joyful and happy singing little bird. The designs within the bird image represent its flight from flower to flower in search of sweet nectar and insects for its young. I would watch the kirisgamul mut fly from flower to flower, listening, licking its beak and manoeuvring in ways that would have me stunned by its ability to defy laws of gravity. Even today, I still see the what could be the same kirisgamul mut repeating its daily flight plan around my mum’s garden. From this bird I learnt that if he or she could live life freely, friendly, joyfully and happily, I could too! I now believe we all can thanks to the kirisgamul mut. Laurie Nona 2011