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Sowlalau Thonarr'

Sowlalau Thonarr'


Size: Paper: H77cm x W29.5cm, Image: H42.5cm x W16cm

Category: Prints

$195.00 (Incl GST)

Sowlal (Turtle Mating) is a common seasonal occurrence in the Torres Strait.

Growing up as a Kaiin Kaz (young fella), I would go out fishing with my older brothers and brothers in law, and they would teach me how to spot warru thurral (turtle tracks) and padth (nests) on the beach. They also taught me how to spot sowlal (turtles mating) in the athdabath (sea).

My image in this print portrays a sowlal (turtle mating), warru kakurral (turtle eggs) and warru kazil (turtle hatchlings) – the cycle of the warrul (turtle’s) life I experienced as a kaiin kaz (young fella) growing up in the Torres Strait. I would pick up kazi warrul (baby turtles) from their padth (hatching nest), taking them to the water’s edge and letting them go.

Laurie Nona 2011