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Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island
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Naigai Gub & Gub

Naigai Gub & Gub


Size: 80cm x 60cm image, 59cm x17cm

Medium: Lino relief print

$440.00 (Incl GST)


This artwork is my interpretation of the four winds of Torres Strait.

North Wind (Naigai) East Wind (Kuki) West Wind (Sagerr) South Wind (Zei)

These are the four winds, Naigai, Kuki, Sagerr and Zei.

The dhangal in the middle represent my totem of my mother and fathers side from Badu & Mabuiag.


Naigai Gub

This print is based on the wind. My wind, the Naigai Gub, the arrow markings tells the directions of the Gub.

The arrow having left represents "Naigai Gub" (northerly wind) and the arrows facing right represents the Zei Gub (southerly wind)

Time of the Naigai Gub, the birds migrate from mini daudai (P.N.G) through Zenath Kes to Koi daudai (Australia) in search of food and water, otherwise known as the great immigration.