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Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island
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Dhoeyiw Nu Ulaik Moeythai

Dhoeyiw Nu Ulaik Moeythai


Size: Paper SIze: H610mm x W610mm, Image SIze: H420mm x W418mm

Medium: Linocut

$890.00 (Incl GST)

Happy Dance with Broom

In my culture some of our women have a quality that we call eggi – a primal silliness or sense of fun that we express through ‘crazy’ dances, whether at the birth of a child or at weddings, initiations and ceremony.

Eggi mimics or embodies our totems – a bit like shape-shifting, and it reminds us that we are more than human, that we are connected to plants and animals too. In this work the woman dances, using her moeythai (island or coconut-fibre broom) to sweep bad energy away, creating space for the new energy; whether it be a birth, women’s initiation or marriage.

The marks behind her are made at low tide, and tell us that we have a while to wait until the new spirit will be born.

Matilda Nona