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Michael Nona Badu Art Centre squid



Size: 28cm x 28cm

Medium: Lino Print

Category: Art Prints / Etchings

$155.00 (Incl GST)

I love eating bidthai which is our local name for squid. Bidthai is a highly prized catch and considered good eating on Badu Island, it also makes a good bait for catching fish. When the kuki wind blows from the north-west during the wet season, it makes the sea get rough so the squid go to the calm areas behind the small islands and we can catch them easily. I catch a big mob of them at the creek mouth where they seem to sit waiting for food running out. We can also catch them in the local harbour next to the town. You will see many young children chasing squid at high tide off the Badu beach during Kuki.