Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh

Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island
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Torres Strait Pigeon, Badu Island, Weldon Matasia, Australia Bird, Pigeon, Indigenous Art, TSI



Size: Paper Size: 1120mm x 800 mm

Medium: Relief Lino Print

Category: Original Artwork

$650.00 (Incl GST)

Torres Strait Pigeon and Wongai

The Torres Strait Pigeon is a bird of many significants, the pigeon represents 'US' as Torres Strait Islanders and the many impoprtant attributes we have gained from our forefathers.

The design on this print represents these attributes; One representation that comes to mind is when travelling to Thursday Island and back to Badu Island for football, we can't stay for the night we have to get home before night fall even if dark has fallen or the weather is rougn

Its like the Pigeon that travels to and fro from their breeding sites and can no longer stay at the particular nesting site, it has to get home before night fall.


The Wongai Fruit

The Wongai fruit which we, Torres Strait Islanders love to eat, when in season. It's a purple-red fruit which has a texture similar to a date.

Islanders eat if fresh and dried. It is a important food source which brings you back home once you have eaten it.

The wongai wood is also used to create artifacts and woodcarving. The wongai design on the print represents the love for eating the Torres Strait Island fruit.