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Weldon Matasia, Badu, Australia, Art, TSI

Seahorse - Meaning & Symbolism


Size: 1120mm x 800mm

Medium: Lino Print

Category: Original Artwork

$960.00 (Incl GST)


Meaning and Symbolism

The symbolic meaning of Seahorse is quite intricate and diverse as this little creature itself is full of surprises.

The seahorse is quite a unique creature and thought to have mystical significance among the Torres Strait Island people.

The Torres Strait Islanders believed that the seahorse is a luck of good fortune/charm an attribute of the sea, the seahorse is considered to be a symbol of strength and power. Divers have long viewed the seahorse as a good luck charm too. Symbolic meaning of Seahorse carry the following significance..

  • Patience

  • Protection

  • Perspective

  • Inflexibility

  • Persistence

  • Friendliness

  • Contentment

  • High Perception

  • Generosity/Sharing

The sea horse is used for bring good luck when ever in need of food etc. Hunting, fishing. Its explanation is quite unique for it as a lot of meaning of all that know the significations of the seahorse.

The Sea horse describes the artist I am, patience and contentment. I am without changes as content to be who I am and not feeling the need to change, being persistent in reaching my career goals and being mindful that I am stubborn at times.Sharing the load in the home and gaining perspective of both sides of an argument or situation.

The amour of the sea horse is a sign that sometimes I need to let down my guard. I am very aware of what is around me and when we are lost or confused, the sea horse asks us to take a good look around – not just with our physical eyes but with our spiritual eyes in order to get a better perspective of the situations.