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Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island
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Organisation Structure

Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh, TSI Corporation (Trading as Badu Arts Centre) is governed by a Board of Directors and its day to day business is conducted by the Arts Centre Manager and 10 staff. Staff report to the Manager who with the board has the responsibility for delivering to the community of Badu Island a diverse program of events and training oppertunities that supports Arts Practice, Arts Business and Cultural Maintainencenetworks.

Our Art Centre has an excellent structure and we are proud of how well we govern and manage our business.

The Board is comprised of local Badu Island Artists and leaders, and a full time General Manager. Our finances are managed independently and we are audited each year.

The Board of Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting by the membership.


The Board and Manager

The General Manager is:

Mr Laurie Nona

The board of Directors:

  • Mr Joseph Au (Chair)
  • Mr Aiona Tala Gaidan (jrn)
  • Mr Barry Nona
  • Mr Iona Gaidan (snr)
  • Mr Eddie Nona

There are two non voting Directors - Mr Tim Acker and Mr Charles Street.


The Art Centre is a financial contributor and member of IACA - the Indigenous Art Centre Alliance, based in Cairns. IACA is the peak body for Indigenous Art Centres in Northern and Remote Queensland.