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Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island
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Apu Kazi (Mother With Child)

Apu Kazi (Mother With Child)


Size: Paper Size:H1200mm x W750mm


$550.00 (Incl GST)

My Mother, who was both a mother and father to me and my younger siblings and also my older Sister and my sister in-law.

Our up-brings on a little island community was hard-work the day to day life of raking the yard, gardening, caring for domesticated animals, responsibilities to collect feed for them, at the same time working the land, collecting garden food, fishing, hunting for a feed on our tables and learning to cook al in the same. Our mothers prepare us and makes sure we her children are equipped with the cultural knowledge, methods and skills to deal with all that adolescence will bring.

Mother was giving us the importance of love, sacrifice’s, work, nurtured values and understanding of roles her children will need in a community life, where custom, respect for elders and for all women (Mothers, Unity’s & Grandmothers) was a must and is to be up held. Which is represented in the flowers like it her hair above the image in my print of the “Mother with child” Apu Kazi. A mother holds her child stands upon a Dhibadhib Warrior chest plate’ this is a representation of the family that the women has married into, as well as the responsibilities that the husband has to his wife, the man, hunter, gatherer, protector and provider. I created this image of a ‘Mother with her Young Child’ to capture the first hold and the moment when a mother attaches her child to her breast, straight after giving birth, the love and admiration while she looks over the new born. This was created in understanding to give the highest Love and respects to firstly All Mothers with child, with partners, single mothers and single fathers that give their children at al times unconditional Love and care from Birth to Adulthood.

Laurie Nona