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Torres Strait Islander Art from Badu Island
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Danalaigau Rangadhau Kab

Danalaigau Rangadhau Kab


Size: paper: 120cm x 40cm, print: 102cm x 13cm

$250.00 (Incl GST)

The carving designs and images within the Kab - paddle build a collaborative metaphor representing a vessel containing the traditional importance of cultural identity.

It is the survival journey of an islander’s way of life. Kab is our geographical situation, our hunting and fishing practices; the importance of the continual survival of all creatures of our islands and sea that we share in the Torres Strait. We as Islanders have a birthright, we have a right of cultural practice, we need to realise that dugongs and turtles also have a birthright.

These creatures have totemic and spiritual relevance; without them our future generations will not experience the depth and beauty of respect embedded in our cultural identity. Within our Indigenous relational worldview, knowledge and participation is the hunter gatherer’s way of life. Patterns within the Kab- Paddle connect an Islander man from his islands lands into the sea and to the sea creatures. It informs our three dimensional relationship with our reality based on our connectedness with all living and non-living entities.

This paddle represents “us all” (man, woman and creatures of the sky and the sea) in this journey together on the surface of this planet. My paddles represent ones’ journey with these elemental beings.