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sarah gaidan badu art centre artwork pigeon on the branch

Pigeon on the branch

Sarah Gaidan

Size: 60cm x 40cm

Medium: Lino Print

Category: Art Prints / Etchings

$120.00 (Incl GST)

Pigeon on the branch was about a family day out which we do every weekend. On our trip out on our dinghy we went to our destination. When we arrive there all hands on deck, everyone helped unload things from the dinghy and put on the beach. I would normally walk on the beach and pick up shells and other interesting objects that lie washed up on the beach. My nephew came running to me to show me that on a lower branch of a tree which had a pigeon sitting on it. The pigeon seem relaxed as it was just watching us moving around on the beach. It was a picture perfect portrait to take as the background was also breathtaking.